Axiom Propelair 160 Floor Pump


Product Description

Axiom pumps are engineered to be exceptionally fast and reliable. Made with premium quality aluminum and composite materials, these pumps are designed with a specific use or end user in mind. from efficiency-minded bike shop mechanics to weight-obsessed roadies. Lock-on valves deliver confident, no-hassle inflation every time. Unique handgrips ensure no slipping in even the wettest conditions. Extra-wide bases prevent toppling. Axiom pumps work so well that you will likely forget about yours-until it saves your butt.

Axioms state-of-the-art floor pump designs draw on the feedback and experience of top cycling mechanics. Each one is built with premium quality materials to be an exceptionally durable pump system that delivers efficient, reliable inflation time after time. Featuring topple-proof base designs and Axioms Headrush dual-valve Schrader/Presta connector, these pumps incorporate simple, innovative features that solve problems for the people who use them every day. Axioms top-of-the-line floor pumps also feature customizable LockDown grips that prevent slipping and help get tires back up to pressure quickly

Stable (270mm x 135mm) fiber composite base
500mm steel barrel
Fiber composite handle
High strength steel pump shaft
HEADRUSH dual-valve connector instantly fits Schrader and Presta valves
Alloy valve caps
108cm extended premium quality hose
Inflation needles included


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