CNP Elite Energy Tub

CNP Elite Energy Tub Lemon/Lime


Product Description

CNP is an official supplier of SKY Pro Cycling & British Cycling Team

Sustained energy release
Tri-source carbohydrate & electrolyte blend energy drink
Available in Mixed Berry, Lemon & Lime, Tropical
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
1600g Tub

How To Use This Product – We think it works best if you add one sachet (32g) to 500ml of water to create an isotonic drink. Ensure you drink at least 500ml per hour during exercise.

CNP Elite Energy is an isotonic drink providing energy when you need it most. Elite Energy uses our tri-source carbohydrate blend that is shown to work in the real world, ideal for carb loading and time released energy during exercise.

Our optimum Electrolyte blend containing Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium is designed to combat dehydration and keep you at your best. Electrolytes help to replace the fluids and salts lost during intense exercise.

As an endurance athlete we recommend that you consume between 60-90g of carbohydrate per hour to ensure you remain suitably fuelled for performance. By eating correctly during exercise you will perform better, recover more quickly and become leaner. When used as part of a weight loss strategy it is vital that your body is not starved during exercise to ensure you continue burning fat and carbohydrate.

By using CNP gels, powders and bars throughout your session you will be providing your body with sustained energy. By eating early and consistently you will balance your blood sugar levels and ensure that your body uses a more efficient ratio of your fats and carbohydrates for fuel, preventing spikes and crashes.

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Lemon & Lime, Mixed Berry, Tropical


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