CNP Elite Omega+

CNP Elite Omega+

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Product Description

CNP is an official supplier of SKY Pro Cycling & British Cycling Team

Proprietary blend of fish and krill oils
Finest marine oils
Rich in Omega 3
High in Phospholipids
Contains 60 Capsules

CNP Elite Omega + is a proprietary blend of the finest quality Nordic fish and krill oils, supported by powerful astaxanthin and vitamin D. Countless studies have demonstrated the overwhelming benefits of supplemental marine omega 3s to cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, pulmonary function and reduced systemic inflammation and stress. Krill oil has become universally recognized for the advantages of its high phospholipid content to arterial and neuronal health and recovery.

How do I use CNP Endurance Elite Omega? We think it works best if you take 1 capsule twice per day after food

By eating a healthy diet and loading with sustained energy before a session you will begin with a full tank ready to give your best. If your body is in tune and can correctly use vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats you will be able to metabolise you energy stores more efficiently. Add in a preworkout to go longer.

By eating a poor diet you will have no sustained energy for your session, this will mean you will start with an empty tank. Add to this a difficiency in vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fats and your body will have to break down and use your muscles as fuel for your session.


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