CNP Elite Recovery Bar (Box of 12)

CNP Elite Recovery Bar (Box of 12)

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Product Description

CNP is an official supplier of SKY Pro Cycling & British Cycling Team

High protein meal bar
Low Sugar
Available in Chocolate & Caramel
Box of 12 bars

How do I use Elite Recovery – Consume Elite Recovery after hard training/racing, or as a meal replacement as part of a weight management strategy

Elite Recovery is the ideal post workout recovery formula, but is also recommended for athletes who want a meal replacement as part of a weight management strategy.

Quality protein is essential for muscle repair and athletic success. Elite Recover has been developed as a post workout drink using the highest quality protein with an optimal amount of multi-source carbohydrate. Our premium protein blend provides a time release matrix with a drip feed effect lasting up to 7 hours to ensure your body has all the amino acids required for efficient recovery.

Our multi-source carbohydrate offers time released energy quickly delivering carbohydrates into your body for when you need them most.

We pack Elite Recovery with a fine balance of nutrients and functional ingredients necessary to support athletic development. Viable, probiotic organisms are added to the blend to allow your body to easily digest the formula and prevent stomach upset and other side effects common with low grade recovery formulas.

Many athletes choose CNP proteins as meal replacements for the weight management properties demanded by the nutrition teams behind the world’s best athletes.

Paying attention to correct recovery after a session is one of the most overlooked aspects of endurance nutrition. Recovery is especially important to recharge and rebuild tired muscles making them stronger, leaner and more explosive ready for the next session. Correct recovery enables your body to the stress of training better.

Ingesting further sugary drinks and snacks to recover rather than high quality protein creates huge insulin spikes at the worst possible moment. Neglecting your protein intake results in muscles that dont repair and leaves you fatigued for your next session. Adequate use of protein helps you avoid long term fatigue and overtraining.

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Caramel, Chocolate


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